Ateneo & La Salle profs are like so not duwag

by Sankage Steno

In response to the Varsitarian article.

I can’t believe it talaga. The nerve of other schools to make paratang to our beloved profs, calling them names like “coward” and “papansin.” It’s so nakaka-irritate! Like super!

How can you make tawag them “coward” when they make tayo nga for what they believe in? Isn’t that so tapang to make sabi your stand on RH bill kahit pa there’s like a huge potential that your employers will make sipa you out of the school? And you call them duwag? Are you kidding me?

And how dare you call our beloved profs “faculty cheering squad?” I mean, look at your cheering squad! They did not even make sabit to the top three. Hello? Before you criticize others, you make tingin first in the mirror.

You also sabi that these profs “do not have the courage of their intellectual conviction.” Do you like intindi what you’re writing about? Or maybe you just do not intindi anything at all. I’ll make ulit for you, how can they not have tapang of their intellectual conviction if they went out of their way nga just to state rationallylogically, scientifically, conscientiously and objectively their beliefs about RH bill. This despite the katotohanan that they work for Catholic institutions, and that they mismo are Catholic.

If that is not tapang, I don’t know what is.

Speaking of tapang, you mentioned Carlos Celdran (who I believe is super tapang talaga) as a Jose-Rizal wannabe? That may be totoo, and that’s really a compliment (in case you did not pansin). Unlike other people who are Padre Damaso-wannabe!

And you also make sabi that many Filipinos are like “abandoning their religion?” Well, well, well! Who could blame them? If what they really, really make kita  to our priests and bishops is so mali and so not maganda, can you like sisi them? And besides, where did you like get that “fact?” Are you sigurado that many Filipinos really make iwan their religion? Not true kaya!

And even if they did, what is so mali with that? It is enshrined kaya in our constitution that there is freedom of beliefs or religion. And it is also your choice if you wanna make paniwala to God or not.

One more bagay. The debate on RH bill is so moot and academic na kaya. You know that? It means that it’s so 2000 and eight pa. You get that? It means na it does not matter anymore. You know kung bakit? Kasi it was tinapos na a few months ago pa in Congress. You know why? ‘Cause more than a decade na us with that debate. We should move on. And the president should make it a batas na. As in now na.

But you are tama naman in one thing. Na “it takes guts to be a Catholic nowadays.” I know that the Ateneo and La Salle profs have guts because of what they had said and done. Like heavy guts talaga! Unlike other Katolikos who are just sunud-sunuran to what the pari make sabi all the time, without using their God-given utak.

It’s so nakakaloka talaga mga Katoliko these days… or nowadays!