Dude, scary ‘to

by Sankage Steno

Pwera biro, dude, it was the scariest, most katakot, moment of my life. I was alone kasi walking down McKinley Road sa Bonifacio Global City. I was off to my condo kasi at the Bellagio. Dude, it was three in the morning, a bit damp because of the ambon, and I did not bring my Lamborghini kasi my mom grounded me for not making sundo her one time.

I went to this tea party with my college friends; we passed kasi the finals for last semester. The tea party pala is just a code for inuman. Dude, I had a blast. And that’s why medyo tipsy ako when I went home. Since within BGC naman sya, I decided nga to walk home. There’s nothing going on talaga on my mind that time, just the thought of the party and me going home, pero, dude, you won’t believe what I saw!

When I reached 5th Avenue, the ambon made hinto, then all of a sudden, there’s this carpet of mist that started to crawl, dude! Siguro about 20 meters ang layo from me, and it was literally crawling its way toward me. Super scary talaga! I mean, not that I’m duwag or something, pero I knew it was weird to have fog or mist in BGC. And the way it moved, dude! Creepy to the bones!

So I stopped walking and shook my head to clear it from the effect of the alcohol, thinking na mawawala ang fog in my imagination. But it’s not my imagination, dude! The mist was still crawling there. I froze! I could not move because of takot. That’s when the mist finally reached my feet. It felt cold. It added pa to my takot tuloy.

I was just making tayo there, as if waiting for something to happen. And you know ano nangyari, dude, after that? Something happened nga! I felt something poke at my Mossimo shirt. I could feel the poking talaga kasi my shirt is 100% pure cotton!

A chill ran down my spine, dude!

The nerve to touch my Mossimo shirt! I turned around and saw no one! That’s when I got more takot na. I ran as fast as I could away from the mist and all, pero I felt that the mist was making sunod to me wherever I went. I turned left sa may Rizal Drive, and the mist turned left too. I made takbo pa rin, dude. I only stopped when I reached Burgos Circle. The tali kasi of my Vans shoes got loose, so I had to tie it again. To my horror, I saw a dent on the left side of my right-foot Vans shoe. Bad trip, dude!

It must have been caused by my long walk, and the takbo that I did. F*ck the mist! It was still there nga pala, dude. Then I felt another poke. This time, it was on my Guess pants, which is 100% pure denim. I felt it talaga, I swear! But when I turned around to see the one poking me kanina pa, there was no one there again!

That’s it! I’ve had it na talaga, dude!

I ran as if my life depended on it. Isang block na lang and there’s my condo na. It felt stupid now to think that I was running from wala! From something that I didn’t know. Except that bwisit mist that kept making sunod to me. Dude, I’m telling you, it was totally katakot.

Just when I was about to enter the gate of Bellagio, I tripped! I couldn’t kita kasi the elevated part because of the damn fog! Then my iPhone5 made talsik sa malayo! My goddamnshet, dude! My iPhone5! The moment it made tama on the ground, it shattered into pieces! Argh! Dammit, dude! Dammit! Now I only have two smart phones left! Wala nang partner ang iPad ko. Bad trip, dude. Over!

That was the scariest part that happened that madaling araw. I could make pasensya pa the poking on my Mossimo and Guess, and the dent on my Vans. But not the iPhone5! I learned my lesson, dude. Next time, I’ll bring na always my Lamborghini if I’ll attend tea parties, kahit pa grounded ako. Sorry, mom, but I can’t lose another Apple! Scary, dude. Scary.