U.P. is so iba na

by Sankage Steno

Like I was in the University of the Philippines kanina in Diliman, and I noticed that my Alma Mater is so iba na. It has changed talaga, like a total makeover! Gosh.

And I’m not talking about the bagong structures ha or the monorail that was made paandar here and there by DOST or the sunflowers that are starting to make tubo from the lupa like a stubble. No. I was referring to the tao there, the isko and iska, the UPam, the iskolar ng bayan, so to speak.

I was so gulat a while ago when I went there to get some stuffs (Yes, I like it with the letter ‘s’ sa end. It’s so sosyal to the ears.) from my former professors. It went well naman, and I was so saya to see them again. But  I was flabbergasted to the extreme level of levels when I make kita and dinig the estudyante of UP Diliman.

Here’s the scenario. I was making hintay my prof in the hallway of the Faculty Center, and then I heard two ladies who were like chinita and mestiza, and they were making usap like this: “Oh, is it here na? I don’t see any signs… blah… blah… blah.”

And then when I made labas out of the building, there were two girls again. Both of them were wearing Jansport bags, and they were usap-usap like this: “Yeah, yeah. Uhuh. Uhuh. I like it….” And the other one was like, “Who am I? Who am I? 2-4-6-0-1.” And then the other one again was like, “What is that?” And the other one made sagot, “You don’t know? Sa Les Miz.. (Singing voice) Who am I?”

Make pako me to the cross na! Now na please!

Where have the “masa” students gone to na? Where art thou? Tapos na ba the days when I see fellow isko and iska who like have this tan line sa paa because they only wear tsinelas when they go to class? And where are the kayumanggi kind of students who are like so Pinoy looking? Now there’s only chinito and chinita and mestizo and mestiza. They’re so like me na. Afraid!

During my time kasi, I was like the only one who can make salita in diretsong English… like this. Pero now, there are so many English-speaking species and spoiled brat-looking students na. And worse, they drive kotse! And they’re not even from CBA!

Kawawa naman the jeepney drivers, especially the Ikot and Toki drivers. They’ll lose their trabaho if the parents of these isko and iska keep making regalo these cars to their UPCAT-passing hijo and hija.

I feel so sorry na for my Alma Mater. And how sad that the “poor” and “underprivileged” kabataan like me before cannot enter UP anymore because of the sky-high tuition fee. They have no choice na but to make lipat to sister tibak school PUP. Kalungkot much. Really.

On the brighter side, baka soon they’ll have soap and tissue na rin in the comfort rooms, so I won’t have to make dala my baby wipes or my roll of two-ply tissue paper anymore whenever I go there to make poo-poo. Well that’s a ginhawa naman.