I Wanna Thanks You

by Sankage Steno

First of all, let me takes these opportunity to saying my fellow nominates that I was proud of you for have me this journey towards peace and successes. I’m awing and so many respect to you all very much. To my Academy, I wanna thanks you.

Its an amazing experiences to be here in the front of all of you, feeling the home and comfortable because of your supports and heartfelt. I never, ever, ever saids that I love you. But, no buts. In reality, the true was I love the all of you whether your supporting me or not supporting me. So for those who is for here, allowed me to tell a short.

In 1987, in Manila City, not the jail, there was an girl who is pregnance with her first children. She is a college graduates and a first timing mom, and somehow, somewhere, she management to makes a better living in for herselves and her childs. She encouraging here kidlets to be creatives and worked hard and do some things special.

That girls is my mother, thank you for teach me to dreaming big.

To my brother, the bestest brothers in the hole world: Thanks much for share this insane adventures that are 30 Seconds to Jupiter and for being my bestest friends. I wouldnt ask for another brothers if God will gave me another more chance to had a new brother in my lives because you are really so good and so better to be the best and nothing more.

Also, my one and only sisters, who are so beautiful and pretty like a pretty boy, thank to you too. If not for you too, I will not be able to come ups and downs in life. You are like the most.

Too all the dreamers in out their around the world watches these tonight in place like Ukraine and Valenzuela, I want to says were her, and as you struggling to make you’re dream comes true and living the impossible dream, we thinking of you.

These is for the 36 million peoples who has loose the battles to AID. And to those of you who has ever feeled injustice because of you who are and whose you love, I stands here in front of the world with you and four you. I will forever always be here and now till the end of the world when Jesus comes down to build a kingdom come. Amen.