Classy 101 by Prof. Anne

by Sankage Steno

Welcome to my classy class, my dear students!

Sigurado akong marami kayong matutunan today because I’ll be showing you what’s classy and what’s not classy, so that when we meet at a party or in the club, and I got drunk and/or high, you won’t see me berating you in front of the madlang people.

So let’s start my presentation. If you have any question, please, ‘wag kayong mahihiyang tanungin ako even in the middle of my lecture. Hindi ako lasing o naka-drugs ngayon, so you can rest assured na hindi kita ipapahiya.

Now I’m gonna differentiate what’s classy and what’s not classy using my own experiences. I really hope na marami kayong matututunan sa mga ipapakita ko ngayon.

Let’s begin.


Red ribbon? Classy.

Yellow ribbon? Not classy.


Wet look? Classy.

Pek look? Not classy.


Light make-up? Classy.

No make-up? Not classy.


Revealing? Classy.

Revelation? Not classy.


Two puppies? Classy.

Two papas? Not classy.


Sober? Classy.

Sobra? Not classy.


Audi? Classy.

MRT? Not classy.


Eating seafood? Classy.

Becoming seafood? Not classy.


Classy class, dismissed.