Isaw is so sarap

by Sankage Steno

Like super! I was with my girl na friend kanina at the Glorietta Park. You know, the one in between G4 and G5. It was so iba. Like, there’s this some sort of food festival right in front of Bo’s Coffee where I always make tambay. And so I checked. My friend and I were so gulat talaga. It’s a mini-Banchetto pala.

Oh my G!

I so missed that foodie haven. You know kasi, I’m a foodie myself. I like to try new and exotic foods, like street foods, you know. And I was so swerte kanina ‘coz there were tents offering tusok-tusok and ihaw-ihaw goodies. So I tried. At first it was so hirap to make pili because of the many choices, but then I thought, why not try it all na lang?

OK, fine.

I made kuha one stick of chicken isaw, another stick of pork isaw and, of course, the black, squarish thingamabob that they call Betamax. What’s a Betamax ba? Is that some kind of an inflatable robot? Oh well, never mind. I just picked it na din ‘coz it’s so mura. Only P10 a stick. Gosh, I can buy like a gazillion of that with my allowance from Daddy.

I also made kuha a pork barbecue as chaser. Just in case I kinda not make gusto the ones that I picked. You’ll never know naman the lasa talaga until you make subok, di ba?

When the kuya manong took my order, I asked him how much all in all. He said just P50. Grabe! It’s so mura these tusok-tusok foods. I should make tambay na here like everyday. Kaya lang it’s so mausok, and I’m so exposed to the elements and all. I don’t like pa naman my skin to get dirty and oily. Buti there’s Bo’s right around the corner. I can just make takbo there once the usok gets on my nerves.

Yey me!

I was still pondering about this plan of mine when kuya manong handed me my order. Gosh, it’s so bilis. It’s so mura na nga, their service is so quick pa. Where ka pa? This really deserves to be blogged.

First I tried the Betamax. I swear I was THIS close to making sabi a cuss word. It’s masarap pala. I thought it’s not kasi it’s maitim. But looks can be deceiving talaga, believe me. Buti I did not judge the book by its cover. I’m so galing, like super.

Finally, I tried the isaws that I took kanina. Tongue in nah! I was flabbergasted to the highest levels. Really! I could not make pigil myself to say something bad. It’s that good talaga, promise! It’s so sarap. It’s even better than the Betamax. To think na it looks like a bulate in our organic farm in Daddy’s hacienda. Grabe. Filipino street food is like the best.

When I make uwi later, I’m really gonna tell Daddy about this experience. It’s so enlightening, just like the first time I made sakay the jeepney. Oh gosh. But that’s another kwento. I’ll just blog it some other time. For now, I’m gonna savor the remaining flavor of the isaw in my burp. The lasa is still there pa kasi e.