UP is such a tahimik loser

by Sankage Steno

I think UP is so pahiya that Ateneo one upped them on making sulat a statement against Bongbong Marcos’ revision of history. (Yey, Ateneo! One big fight!) I think that’s the reason talaga why they’re mum on the issue. So pikon, don’t you think?

Why is it taking them so tagal ba to make sulat a statement? It’s one week na since Ateneo (Yey! One big fight!) made labas that statement. It’s so dali lang kaya to write one. Ako nga, I can make sulat a blog entry in 10 minutes, and that’s around 500 words. UP pa kaya? It’s like they’re finding it so hirap to think of the right words to make sabi.

Are UP people these days so bobo na rin like the Marcos trolloyalists? For real? There are so many brilliant writers and thinkers kaya from UP. How come?

Or maybe they just want to protect one of their alumni. Oo nga, that’s it. Di ba Marcos Sr. was a UP alumnus? Just like Benigno Aquino Sr., his brod and arch political rival? And like Miriam Santiago, too? Bongbong’s running mate?

True! UP is so not releasing a statement ‘coz they don’t want to make pahiya their famous alumni. And besides, they even made pangalan one of their buildings to one of Marcos Sr.’s former cabinet members, di ba? Remember Cesar Virata, the finance minister? Maybe UP is just making tanaw a huge utang na loob to these sterling alumni.

Now I know.

It’s kinda nakaka-sad nga lang to think na there were so many UP activists, students and profs pa naman who fought Marcos Sr. before and during martial law. Remember the First Quarter Storm?

Oh wait! Wait lang. I know na. Maybe the reason why UP is still tahimik is because of this First Quarter Storm in its recent history. Di ba it’s one of the reasons why Marcos Sr. declared martial law daw? Di ba he used it to justify his proclamation? Baka naman UP is so afraidy that people might connect the said incident to that dark moment in our country’s kasaysayan. If that is true, then UP is simply trying to make iwas the blame.

That’s kinda pathetic, if true, don’t you think?

Or maybe, just maybe, UP does not want to make sulat a statement against Marcos Jr. because they agree with him. Holy horror of horrors! Is it true ba? What happened to those UP profs who were taken and tortured by Marcos’ soldiers? Is that a big kasinungalingan? And what about Joma Sison? Is he just a myth? A kathang-isip like a passing grade in Math 17? Nooooo!

You mean to make sabi, all those kwento about activism and those events leading to martial law were all part of one big conspiracy? I can’t even! Is it true ba that UP did all those things just to perpetuate Marcos Sr. in power? If that is the case, then they’re so matalino talaga. Imagine, we were all fooled up to this day. So galing, in fair. Such evil geniuses. I’m horribly impressed, I must make sabi.

Well then, if Marcos Jr. is tama naman pala in what he’s saying, then I will support UP’s silence. What a tahimik loser.