Havaianas for Leni

by Sankage Steno

I’m like so amazed talaga of #LabanLeni’s tsinelas leadership. I mean, how can something so cheap a footwear like that be your political machinery, di ba? Why not Prada leadership? Or… or… Manolo Blahnik leadership? Christian Louboutin leadership is not so bad as well. Why tsinelas?

And then I was super enlightened when I heard about the Sumilao farmers. You know kasi, nine years ago, these destitute farmers were soon to become hampaslupa because some powers-that-be tried to grab the land that they make saka from them. Buti na lang they fought back.

And so they went to Malacañang. But it’s not like a normal vacay travel, you know, like the ones I always have with my squad. No! They made lakad all the way from Bukidnon to the palasyo. That’s like something! OMG, they’re so tenacious … like my tennis shoes! Look oh, it’s so tibay and long-lasting. It’s Nike kasi eh, my favorite goddess.

Anyway, so they made headlines and all, but still, the land was not awarded to them. Then came Leni Robredo. She represented the soon-to-be hampaslupa farmers in the court. She was their attorney. And not just any attorney, mind you. Leni provided her services for free! Yah, it’s libre. It’s like me hosting parties in Valkyrie for my Class A friends. It’s always libre! Yay me!

That’s why I so love Leni na. She should join my squad, like, now na. I’ll make her my right kamay. Or maybe my successor, like a vice queen, in case I die. Lol. I don’t want to die yet, ‘no. But, yeah, Leni should really be my friend. We have so much in common kasi eh.

We love making libre to our not-so-mayaman friends and folks, we love shoes (or footwear ’cause she’s like wearing tsinelas only) and, most of all, we love the poor.

Yah, I love the maralita. Like super! In fact, I always make sama to Daddy whenever he does philanthropic activities for the impoverished. I’m like his spokesperson kaya. And his champagne toaster, too. I make pakilala my Dad before the toast, and then I hand him his champagne glass. I’m so useful, di ba? Cheers!

I wish I could make a toast for Leni, too. Maybe when we have the courtesy call na lang at the Coconut Palace when Leni is our VP already. Yay me! Promise, I’ll bring my most favorite champagne, Goût de Diamants’ Taste of Diamonds. Oh gosh, it’s so sarap. Perfect for Leni’s victory parteh!

Since Leni so love those on the leigh… layla… laylay… those on the fringe of society, I decided that I will make suporta to her all the way until she becomes our VP. Starting today until May 9, I will not wear my Prada or Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin anymore. Instead, I will just wear tsinelas anywhere I go.

I will show to my Class A friends that tsinelas is the new stiletto! It’s the pambansang footwear of the Philippines. If it’s Leni’s brand of leadership, then it’s my brand na rin. So I call out to all of my friends in Forbes, Dasma, Ayala, and all over the world…

Squad, let’s all wear our Havaianas for Leni!