A day in the life of an editor

by Sankage Steno

I starting the morning in this the way everyday. So first to open the computer then begin search to the internet about news about everything there is than this. You must bear the mind to must always be first on breaking news fast than the rest of the others.


Then next to the finding news of the day is the meeting now with different editors because of agenda. Compare to contrast each of the news in you’re list to not be same with others choice. This important so that the content will be unique and not the same again. Also for the best news in priority to topping the list.

After then choosing which news is which, you now begin to writing task. This involved a bit research for verified facts and looking the more information that is more important to look credibility. You must not write same like a copy and paste because of plagiarizing the work of the others. It will not be legal to do so and be charged in the courts, which is dangerous.

Keeping in mind that writing the lead is sacrilegious, so think first before you typo. Also always remember that the headline must be baiting the readers but not misled them. Do not beat about the bush and go to the point right and away. You are not writing a noble or a short stories. Remember, this is news. Fast and furious!

Speaking of fast, you must beat a deadline before its over. What’s the worse is that the deadline is everyday. It’s not like college anymore when you say to the professor to extend the deadline to some other day or time. No. In the real world, like a corporate world, there is none such a thing. You finish it today or die another day.

In short, be the professional.

Once everything is done writing, you will now pass to the editor in chef for editing and the likes. You will also receive news to editing because that’s your job also. When you edit works of the others, be sure to mind and keep that clean and fresh, no mistakes. If you had mistakes, then its bad because you are editor and must correct mistakes. It’s you’re job to find the wrong and right them properly.

If not, good luck.

Just a piece of advise. Loosen your patience. There are many poor writers who thought they could write really well, but not. Instead, they think it only and maybe use Google translate to make Filipino to English as simple like that. It’s cheating, minding you. It’s lazy and very unprofessional even so. So, like I say, be patience always. As the saying go, patience is a virtuoso.