How are my English to you?

by Sankage Steno

I’m feel so disappointment because our freelance writer is very wronged in grammarly writing as it is. I can’t not understand what he is tells me in the article of news. Its so hard to comprehends in the high leveling at most. Over much!

So I was decide to post his mistakened writeups everyday and everytime at least once in a week. The post of mine will be seek in Facebook as status update regularly. If your not my friends in Facebook, well, sorry for you to that. I’m can’t accept you if your not the one I knew. But rest assurance that I willed write about it there here.

Just for laughed.

Like today in a while ago, the freelance is make a lots of mistake again. Its over many a error that the news is become gibberish yet. Would you believed that? For example, he says, “Dentists suggests…”

See there? The subject and the verb is not agreed to each other. Its very wrong to the point. So I makes it right for the sake of him. The corrected version is these: “Dentist suggest…”

I’m very right, his wrong.

Another one of his mistake is in this too: “[T]he well-documented risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease includes cerebrovascular disease.” The subject and the verb did not agreed again for the second time around. See there? So, what is correct now? Can you guessed? I’m give you a chance of a lifetime.

No answer? Okay, its fined with me. I’m say to you the answer already. The correct ways of writing for that is like these: “[T]he well-documented risk factors for Alzheimer’s deceased included cerebrovascular disease.” I’d correct the tenses in the past so its matching to the subject of the sentence. Its that so simple.

Remember, if you’re dreaming to became a good writer someday, masterbate the basics first, like the subject-verb aggrievement and the tensing of the verbals. Once or twice you’d done this, then it going to be easy next time to write about everything and anything under the sea. Again, masterbate the fundamentally basics.

That’s a mutt!

P.S. For you’re assingment, please read the articles underneath and correct the wronged English to make them just right for tomorrow.