Pikon talo

by Sankage Steno

Hello po. Buhay pa rin ako sa kabila ng mga pinagsususulat ko lately. Salamat sa diyos n’yo. Ang buti talaga sa ‘kin ng god n’yo.

Salamat din sa editor na nagtanggal ng last sentence sa article kong inilathala ng PDI noong Biyernes. Kung naisama yung huling pangungusap na ‘yon, baka wala na ‘ko sa mundo, o baka lalong dumami yung nahatak kong negative reactions.

Speaking of negative reactions, iko-compile ko lang dito yung ilan sa mga comment na natanggap ko. Pinili ko yung 10 pinakanakakatawa o pinaka-witty. Ganyan po ako kabait sa mga nagbabasa ng mga sinusulat ko. Enjoy!

Sorry, I won’t waste my time responding to your non nonsensical article—Mr. Padilla…or pa dead la- you cannot make my day–you can shout or waste your time writing, your opinion doesn’t count–its wait and see before you make judgement of Pres Duterte and one day, you will eat every word you said

Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

Instead of oral orifice, let me put a durian fruit on your posterior.

Buti na lang hindi “in.”

My god, I hate Duterte.
god without capital letter means satan in Bible, god of this world? Which god you are referring to?

The many-faced god.

And what can you say about your Tito Robin Padilla?..
he’s a solid Duterte supporters.. ;p

Tito Robin Padilla is an ex-convict. ‘Ex’ is the curative word.


You were BASHED because you are BASHERS yourself lol

Lol more!

Commercial: A special “Thank you!” to my TSM family na naka-appreciate ng article ko. Hindi ko na isasama yung mga comment n’yo rito kasi puro positive. Baka isipin ng mga tao biased ako masyado. Slight lang.

and It is BIAS and NOT BIASED ,

A bias is a personal judgement and is often characterised by prejudice or otherwise being unreasonable or unfounded.

BIASED is a verb, referring to being bias or judgemental/prejudiced.


I stand corrected, and sit wronged.

Can you please share a little part of your brain to Stephen Norries A. Padilla? LOL! 😀

I thank you for spelling my second first name correctly, and for the offer.

Cringed at how much this writer is a try-hard with her English. lol. I’m sure you’re happy getting brainwashed by the mainstream media. What a miserable life you’ll have for the next 6 years.

My pamili is da most important persons in maaaay layp.

I give you my consent to put your oral orifice on my posterior.

You’d like that wouldn’t you you cupcake?

Who wouldn’t? Hihi. ❤

This bilious essay embodies and exemplifies the collective hatred of the Inquirer editorial organization towards President Rodrigo Duterte that’s evident in between the lines of their every reportage and commentary about him. I won’t be surprised if Stephen Norries A. Padilla is actually one of the Inquirer’s editors unable to resist letting off steam after the loss of their Yellow champion in the recent polls. Cool off people–or you just might lose respectability and your readership!

Thank you for the promotion. Haha! 😀