Let’s make baka, Manong Driver!

by Sankage Steno

I was waiting for my Uber ride this morning when I saw so many empleyado walking along this pokpok-famed street in Makati. Then I remembered, there was a nationwide strike nga pala. Gosh, so hirap naman when you’re a minimum wage earner who can’t afford Uber or Grab twice daily. Imagine, walking to your office because there’s no jeepney to take you there?

Unless you want to make papawis early in the morning, that’s kinda sad kaya.

But I realized, it must be more lungkot ever to all the manong drivers out there who won’t have any kita today because of the strike. How will they make pakain their family if they don’t make pasada today, di ba? How can they make paaral their children if they won’t have any kita nga?

It’s kinda nakakabilib to know that the kuyas and manong drivers all over the country are one in making laban for their right. E why naman kasi the government have to scrap all those old jeepneys any-any? Why not help them na lang to purchase a new one? Or improve public transport altogether and find other trabaho for these drivers?

Our politicians talaga don’t make isip very thoroughly before making policies and decisions. Tapos their solutions pa are almost always anti-mahirap. I’m not mahirap, you know, pero why must we always sacrifice these lumpenproletariat or the powerless to make our lives more maayos and more komportable?

It boggles my UP-educated mind talaga.

Maybe these politicos are making sipsip to some businessmen who want to monopolize or privatize the transportation sector. Maybe they want to make kickback from these supposed investments. Or maybe they have business interests talaga kaya they want to say bye-bye na to the old jeepneys. So sad.

That’s why I cancelled na my Uber ride. I just joined the hundreds of empleyado walking along the pokpok-famed street in Makati as pakisama to them and as a show of suporta na rin to our hard-working manong drivers.

Buti na lang I did not make suot my Inglewood shoes today because it’s masisira agad. I’m wearing Marikina-made leather shoes. They’re so comfy naman and matibay as well, perfect for making baka on the streets of Makati. To all the kuyas and manong drivers out there, this lakad is for you.