Handa na ba kayo for my comeback?

by Sankage Steno

I don’t want to make an issue out of it talaga, pero isang malaking sampal to my face ang ginawa ng misis ni Mar Roxas, whom I won’t mention here kasi it’s not necessary. Ano s’ya, Destiny’s Child? Say my name? Her name doesn’t deserve a space kaya in my blog. But you know her naman, so okay. Ahahaha!

Hindi ko lang talaga ma-stomach the fact the she featured my ex-hubby, who also does not deserve to be named because Destiny’s Child he’s not. More importantly, winalanghiya niya kami ni Bimb. He said so many hurtful things to Bimb. Never mind the things that he said to me. I can take it. Pero to Bimb, I’m ready to go to hell.

You know, Mar’s wife could have waited for the issue to die down bago they featured him on Rated K. But no. They showed it just days after Bimb’s birthday. The nerve, di ba? Sana pinalamig muna nila yung issue. I could have ordered Chowking Halo-halo for them so they can chill naman.

But no. They did not have the delicadeza to do that.

How hard naman kasi to not air that show, di ba? Sino ba si ex-hubby to deserve that air time on primetime television? Does he have a new career? Is he MVP ba again? What is the issue ba? Wala naman, di ba? It’s just because he’s connected to me, the Queen of Media, social or otherwise.

Mar’s wife could have consulted with me first, or her producer, or researchers. They did not. And that’s what pains me more talaga, aside from the slap to my face. How could she do this to a former presidential sister (and daughter)? She wasn’t even an ex-First Lady. She’s just an ex-Morning Girls. I guess that’s her karma, ‘no?

And now she’s spreading the negativity by featuring si, ano, si ex-hubby.

I’m really sorry, but no amount of Chowking Halo-halo can make me chill right now. I really have to say this online. Kasi I’ve learned my lesson in the past when I ran to Mar’s wife after my breakup with another ex-hubby that starts with the latter ‘J’. I even mentioned pa nga on live TV that he gave me a sexually transmitted disease.

It’s tulo, ano ka ba? It’s so nakakahiya. But I’ve no regrets naman.

Syempre I don’t want naman my pilot episode in my upcoming morning show sa ABS to focus on my ex-hubby, di ba? Or to mention anything about that wife of Mar. No! Kaloka! Syempre I want my morning show to be positive, to be happy and to be all about love, love, love.

I’m not sure, ha? Pero if she’s willing to issue a public apology, and if she buys me skin products that’s like perfect for my skin type, maybe I’ll reconsider having her as a guest sa aking bagong morning show. Who knows, di ba? Ako naman, I’m willing to forgive basta sincere ang apology. Ayoko din naman sa negative vibes. Positive lang tayo lagi, saka love, love, love.

So wait na lang kayo sa bago kong show. Ahahaha!

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