Spear of Destiny

by Sankage Steno

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Legends hold that whoever wields the spear of destiny
rules the world—a living, breathing destiny

incarnate. He who carries the only weapon that fatally
wounded the Messiah is Messiah, course of destiny

shaping at limb’s end, lords and emperors bowing
before the True King. The Third Reich’s master, destiny

once possessed, cleansed six million Christ crucifiers
restrained from the Promised Land, denied destiny.

The anguish of Hiroshima atomizing the land
parched to a particle of truth: death stealing destiny

lost again, the spear kept away from Adam’s kin
whose insatiability is matched by his infinite destiny.

Continue this search, I, for the ephemeral lance
to once again take over the world, per se a destiny

mine and mine alone; nightly summoning Onan
in place of desire: a man & I wield spears of destiny.